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"Rockin Through The Ages" East, West Musical Showcases Memorable Performance

The West and East High School Advanced Choirs performed a jaw dropping “Rockin’ Through the Ages” Musical Revue this past weekend in the West High Auditorium. For the first time, a live band called The Matt Byrd Band, and guest students played throughout the musical. These choirs spent months practicing for the shows while groups of students worked tirelessly together at home. Congratulations on a stunning performance to directors Mr. Coleman Lowary and Mrs. Kaitlyn Younger, East and West choir teachers.

Students from East and West Morristown High Schools perform "Rockin Through the Ages" with a live band the weekend of Nov. 11-13.

The students rocked in their leather jackets, medal band t-shirts and black jeans. The full cast opened with “We Built this City,” and closed with “Any Way You Want It.” Throughout the musical, East and West students took turns performing the two-hour show. Preparation for the show consisted of numerous weeks with students practicing from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. However, many students take years of voice and instrument lessons on the side to perfect their performances. Students chose their songs and performances. Solo acts and small groups were assigned by the directors.

Each song performed had unique choreography that was designed by East High alum Macy Conklin and students George Baez, Andrew Gal, Sofia Gullion, Kendall Heskett, Zoe Luttrell, and Aubrey Whitworth. Dancing, stunts, and gymnastics were performed on the stage to keep the audience in suspense of what was to happen next.

Solo acts from West were performed by Savannah Farmer who sang and danced to “Heartbreaker” and Seth Lassiter who performed “Turn the Page.” Other small group West performances consisted of “Call Me,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “Dream On,” “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Great Balls of Fire” with solo pianist Sami Barber, and “My Hero” featuring George Baez on Connor Simms on the guitar.

Performers had positive vibes about their concert. Sophomore performer Will Holt noted, “This performance was really good with a live band that brought more attention to the audience.” Junior Allie Moore commented that her SOS/Singsations group was given the reigns to put together the harmony, choreography, and outfits for “Dream On.” Junior Chase Simmons shared that he enjoyed beat boxing and using his bass voice during “Dream On.” Junior Connor Simms said that he “volunteered his idea to play the guitar in “My Hero.” Seth Lassiter shared, "This concert has been in the Spring the last two years. However, it was held this Fall to accommodate student schedules. I am sad that this was our last performance. I do hope to sing in college."

Spectators in the audience also West Principal Mr. Jeff Kinsler observed, “While I must candidly admit that my musical preferences tend a little more toward George Jones and Bill Monroe these days, the East/West Choral Departments’ performance this weekend certainly stirred some long, lost memories of my past. Many will likely find it difficult to believe that I have heard many of the songs that they presented in their program performed in concert by the original artists. What will not be so difficult to believe is that KISS, Aerosmith, Journey, and Bob Seger were not on any reunion tours when I attended, but rather in their full prime.” Teacher Jessica Patrick remarked, "West High students are very talented! Their vocals and overall performance was amazing!"

Congratulations on a memorable performance to all students, teachers, and parents involved. These talented students, directors, and band pulled off a seamless show that left the audience singing hits of the 80’s on the way home.

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