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Pros and Cons of Working a Part Time Job While Still in School



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A lot of people do not want to work while they are still in school and I could see why. The main struggle with working while still in school is the time management part in my opinion.

There are pros and cons when working while still in school.

Pros: making money, meeting new friends, being able to buy what you want.

Cons: no free time, long nights due to homework on top of working, tired most of the time.

Making money while being in school is definitely the best part about it. You have money so you can go out with friends after school sometimes and have fun. You get to buy the clothes and things you want to, and for me I get my own car to drive to school and other places.

Although, not having any free time can really be a struggle. It is really rough when you have a long night at work and then come home and you basically have to get started on homework. Some people even do their homework while working or when they are on break. When it comes down to it, I do like having a job while in school because I do not know what I would do without money.

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