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Preparing for Upcoming EOCs and Final Exams

End of Course tests, otherwise known as EOCs, and finals will be taking place tomorrow. Passing these exams will be important because they make up about 15 percent of one’s grades. To pass these exams, one will need to prepare in advance.

EOC Schedule graphic
EOC Schedule graphic

The first step to preparing for an exam is having a dedicated work environment. Having a dedicated work space reduces distractions and provides a better working space. Furthermore, a workspace should be clean and have minimal distractions to maximize the benefit of studying.

Plan out a study routine. However, it helps if one knows when the exam will take place. This allows one to maximize the time available before the test and what materials should be top priority to study. Cramming the night before is one of the least effective ways to retain information.

When one is studying, take frequent breaks and snack on “brain food.” Brain food may include coffee, dark chocolate, blueberries, etc. Brain food is mostly protein. Protein helps one’s brain send messages to the rest of the body, and helps create brain chemicals that improve mood. Also, getting an adequate amount of sleep, eating healthy, and exercising can improve test scores.

Find one’s struggles in the subject before jumping into studying all of the material. Study the struggles once they are found and begin there. These are the weaknesses that will bring one’s score down. If one has a particularly rough time with a subject or topic, a tutor session or Homework Hotline may be helpful.

After studying what one is struggling with, divide the material into sections and focus on one at a time. Prioritizing one at a time takes away the stress and pressure that would otherwise be overwhelming when trying to learn all of the material at once. Looking through past assignments, tests, and homework can also be a helpful way of studying because one can fix and learn from past mistakes.

Finally, take time to spend with family, friends or pets, and do not stress and lose sleep over a test. Taking breaks and spending time with other people or pets reduces stress and anxiety. It is also important to keep strong bonds with people one is close to, even when one is busy and has little free time.

Studies say that studying has a direct positive correlation with grades. As long as one pays attention in class and studies regularly, the chances of passing exams are high.

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