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Owens Creates Boards to Academic Success

Not sure where to start when thinking about ACT and colleges? No need to stress, thanks to Nicole Owens, teacher, students can go to the front of the school to check out the college, ACT, and Scholarship boards she has put up. Owens’ college boards started in 2019 but were stopped the school year to come due to COVID. Owens has gotten the opportunity to rebuild her college's boards this year. They have already made an impact on students. Lilly Snowden said, “The college boards have shown me what kinds of colleges I would be interested in and how to contact them. The ACT Board has shown me what I can and can’t study at school.” Owens purpose for starting the boards was to help students, seniors particularly, find a guide to their academic success. Owens said, “The kids needed it, so I just wanted to do it.” If anyone has questions about the boards or just in general about colleges or ACT preparation, Owens and other faculty members are happy to help. West High is on your side.

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