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New Science, Physics Teacher Cupp Joins Morristown-West Trojans

Mr. Dennis Cupp has officially joined the West High School staff as a physical science and physics teacher. He is from Morristown. Cupp was originally in the Navy for 12 years but after getting out, he went to school and received an Associates of Science and Technology and a bachelors degree in Business Administration.

After receiving his associates, he became a Maintenance manager, and then later on got promoted to maintenance supervisor. About six years ago, Cupp ran into an old teacher of his, Mr. Mike Ramsey, who was a math teacher at West High. Ramsey asked Cupp whether he considered teaching or not. Cupp stated that “His words repeated in my head for the next 3 years.” Right before Covid, Cupp decided to walk into his boss's office and tell him that he resigned. He started pursuing his Bachelor's one month later at Tusculum University. After completing his bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, he is now working on gaining his bachelors in Masters of Art in Teaching, also at Tusculum.

Cupps favorite activities to do outside of school, when he is not teaching, are going out on the water on the pontoon and traveling. Cupp stated, “Even if it is just Johnson City or Knoxville.” He also loves to binge watch Greys Anatomy.

Cupps favorite quote is, “Opportunities don't happen, you create them.” Cupp also shared his important advice for students. “Don't waste today! Take advantage of the knowledge you gain every second and make it applicable in your day to day lives.”

Welcome to the Trojan team Mr. Cupp.

Mr. Cupp Posing for the photo.
Mr. Cupp Posing for the photo.

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