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Morristown-West Welcomes Members to Random Acts of Kindness Club

Morristown-West Random Acts of Kindness club members.
Morristown-West Random Acts of Kindness club members.

Morristown-West’s Random Acts of Kindness Club had its first meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. This is a new club that was started at West in January, 2022. There are approximately 30 members in the club currently. The club meets once a month: the first Monday of each month.

Aarya Patel, Junior at Morristown-West, got her inspiration to start this club when she came across an Instagram post where students from a school wrote positive and inspirational messages on sticky notes and put them on the bathroom mirrors of the school. Patel shares her process of starting the club, “When I asked if this could be done at our school, I was told we couldn't because people may just take the notes and throw them around the school. I was thinking about how I could do this in a way that both students would love and faculty would agree with, and several weeks of thought later, the base idea for the [Random Acts of Kindness] club was created: digital notes that were positive, uplifting, and fun!”

Patel shares that the objective of the club is to “provide positivity on the campus of Morristown West High School and provide an environment of inclusiveness for all students in the student body of Morristown West High School.” She also shares the goal for the club this year is “to expand our outreach as a club in whole. We want to send notes out for birthdays, more events besides sports, and make sure that every student receives a note from us at least once in the year.”

Currently, Random Acts of Kindness club has a president, Aarya Patel, and a vice president, Kimber Strumski. The club is in the process of electing other officers such as, Secretary, Historian, and Class Representatives. Patel Shares a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that she always goes by, “Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.”

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