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Morristown West Beta Bring Home Numerous Wins


Academic, Visual Arts

The Tennessee State Beta Convention was held on Nov. 18-20, and Morristown West High School came home from Nashville with multiple plaques and many students qualified for the National Beta Convention.

Nicolette Abate placed 3rd in 12th Grade Math.

Gage Livesay placed 3rd in 10th Grade Science. He chose to compete in this subject because he is talented at it and has won previous competitions.

Maria Lopez placed 3rd in 12th Grade Spanish.

Lindsey Rico placed 4th in Division One Painting.

Rebecca Landefeld placed 4th in Division Two Onsite Painting and 5th in Division Two Jewelry. Landefeld’s inspiration for her jewelry was a piece of fanart of a pop punk singer she enjoys listening to. The inspiration for the on-site painting was a pond of koi fish in the hotel.

Will Hunley, president of Morristown West Beta Club, says that he is “extremely proud of everyone who placed for their academic tests and for their visual arts entries! Our Betas have shown their talents once again for all of Tennessee to see how talented they are! I’m so excited for these members to compete at the national level and show how great they truly are!” Faculty Sponsor Sarah Bowen also commented on her pride in the club, “I am so proud of all the students who participated in Beta Con 2021. We may have been small in number, but I think we were the loudest cheering schools at the state competition. I am pleased with the number of students who qualified for nationals this upcoming summer.”

All of these students qualified to compete in the National Beta Convention that will be held in Nashville, Tennessee this upcoming summer. Congratulations to these students for all of their hard work!

Portfolio Win

Morristown West High Beta Club went to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in the State Beta Convention. Many students came home to Morristown as National Qualifiers, and the Portfolio placed 2nd in the whole competition.

Many students were a part of the team that helped put the portfolio together. Lauren Gray, Katie Tran, Katie McCoige, Michaela Sigler, Aarya Patel, Lily Sturm, Jamie Shepard, Will Hunley, Melanie Gal, Sami Barber, Abby French, My Tran, Bailey Dewald, Catherine Lomot, Zoe Kraus, Faith Hodge, Kaley Neely all helped to complete the portfolio.

The portfolio consisted of 7 sections. The sections contained captured moments from events such as homecoming, prom, and club meetings. These sections include Homecoming, Prom, Spirit Week, Travel, Sports, Service, and Membership.

Many parts of the portfolio were very creative, but the cover of the book was one of the most creative aspects of the portfolio. The cover was a bus, and this was chosen as the cover of the portfolio so it would fit the decades theme for the Beta Convention.

The title pages of the portfolio are also one of the creative aspects of the portfolio. The title pages were repurposed vinyl records that were painted and decorated with the title of each section. Will Hunley, president of the Morristown West Beta Club and portfolio member says that “For portfolio, this year we decided to take on a new strategy in order to make sure we could have as many hands helping as possible. We decided to split the sections of the book into groups and had each group work on a certain section to make our pages look the best possible! After finishing our group projects, we all met together to put everything together into the portfolio and put finishing touches on the book! Everyone worked extremely hard to make the portfolio as creative and unique as possible!”

Congratulations to the portfolio team on their hard work and dedication and we hope to see the portfolio go to the National Beta Convention this summer.

Service Learning Showcase Win

Morristown West’s Beta Club brought home many wins from the State Beta Convention, and one of them was a first-place win in the Service Learning Showcase.

The Service-Learning Showcase is called the “Menstruation Station”, which is a project where feminine hygiene products are discreetly provided to young women within the community who do not have access to the products and may need them.

The inspiration for this service-learning showcase project was from a student who recommended doing a service project where our club collected feminine hygiene products to give to individuals who may need them. This idea was the basis of the project.

Will Hunley, president of the Morristown West Beta Club and service-learning showcase member says that “We were extremely nervous but excited to present Menstruation Station at Tennessee Beta Con! Myself, Katie McCoige, Lilli Roberts, and Bailey Dewald worked very hard to make this project come to life in a light that would display how important the project is not only to us but also to our community for Tennessee Beta to understand the impact of our project! We were overcome with extreme excitement when finding out that we were taking home the first-place award for a project that means so much to us!”

Congratulations to them and the Morristown West High School Beta Club for this fabulous win, and we hope to see it go to the National Beta Convention this summer!

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