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Morristown's Story Book Trail Opens for Children of all Ages

Oct. 23, Morristown, TN had their opening of their Story Book Trail at Civic Park. The idea for the Story Book Trail was started by the organizations: Ready by 6, Morristown Parks and recreation, and others. The story book trail was created to combine literacy and physical activity all in one to make reading more enjoyable for children. It consists of panels set up throughout the trail, each panel showing a different page of a book. Every six months the book will be changed, and this six months the book is When the Storm Comes by Linda Ashman. The Story book Trail will be open year round and is an opportunity for parents to take their children to make reading more exciting.

 Citizens from the Lakeway Area participate in the Story Book Trail at Civic Park
Citizens from the Lakeway Area participate in the Story Book Trail at Civic Park

There were many volunteers there to participate in the festival. There were book and movie characters, teachers, and students from West High School and East High School. The festival began by speeches thanking volunteers and donors who made this possible, and with a ribbon cutting to signal the official beginning. Next the story was read aloud to everyone. Once the story was finished, kids dispersed to read the story for themselves, meet all their favorite characters, and play on the playground. There were also cookies being given out by the students that were made by East High’s culinary class.

If one has children who like to read, or are just interested, they could make their way to Civic Park in Morristown, TN, located next to the Boys and Girls Club, and check out the newest Story Book Trail.

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