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Meet West Side Story’s Staff

Some may wonder what the people behind our articles are like. After all, besides our opinion articles, there is not much about us to be found on West Side Story. Our staff is composed of people with varying interests. For example, Hayden O‘Keefe, is beyond all things, a metalhead, while in stark contrast Pepper Porter is quite the hyperpop enthusiast.

Pepper Porter is an intriguing critter who enjoys graphic design, gaming and scrapbooking old art. They are a trove of mystifying sentences and references, one such obscure bit of knowledge dispensed by them: Jimmy Carter was once mauled by a rabbit. They enjoy Alfredo and aspire to one day own a classic Camaro.

Kayla Apimwar is one of the newer additions to our staff. She has a hairless cat which she adores and walks regularly. Like most people, she has a pension for eating ice cubes. Apimwar has also said she hopes to skydive one day.

Hayden O’Keefe is also new blood in the paper’s staff. As stated previously, O’Keefe enjoys metal, especially that of Motionless in White. In fact, O’Keefe dreams of one day meeting the members of the band. As would be expected of someone on newspaper staff, O’Keefe enjoys writing and writes short stories in his spare time.

Kamora Hunt joined our staff last semester and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time. However, she likely has little free time as she is involved with multiple school organizations, HOSA, FBLA, DECA, and Beta Club. Not to mention, West Side Story. Hunt also enjoys Deftones and the R&B of Brent Faiyaz. Hunt has an affinity for stanced cars, specifically the Nissan Silvia S13 and Subaru GC6.

Jocelyn Cruz Velesco recently joined our staff. She enjoys interior design, drawing and binging her favorite shows. Cruz enjoys the band “Wave to Earth” and the podcast “Rotten Mangos”. She also hopes to attend a live concert by the end of this year. Cruz has an affinity for the early 90s Mazda Miata and enjoys tacos.

Laressa Andino is another one of our talented writers. She is a believer in the quote “Think before you speak.” Andino enjoys eating Quesabrilla and drinking Coca-Cola or Horchata. She hopes to one day swim with sharks and own a Mercedes-Benz. Andino is also a fan of watching horror movies.

Aidan McCauley is currently one the longest standing members on our staff. His favorite food is Baked Ziti. He would like to one day own a Mini Cooper. McCauley possesses a very interesting factoid: banging your head against a wall for an hour burns 150 calories. In his free time, he often spends time with his friends and occasionally plays video games.

Luke Davis harbors immense love for obscure bands such as Tomtsu, who Davis hopes to see play at an arena (though, Davis also acknowledges that this will most likely not happen, citing the aforementioned obscurity). Davis also enjoys listening to podcasts, notably The Anthropocene Reviewed hosted by John Green. Additionally, Davis plays bass guitar for his church’s youth band and occasionally their Sunday band. Davis’ favorite obscure fact is that in 1802, a man named Lord Timothy Dexter wrote a book entitled “A Pickle for the Knowing Ones,” which has all of its punctuation at the very end of the book, and is nearly completely illegible.

West Side Story spring staff
West Side Story spring staff

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