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Incoming Homecoming Pep Rally Coming Fri. Jan 20

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Homecoming Week
Homecoming Week

With the Trojan Nation celebrating basketball season homecoming, we are excitedly dedicating the week towards dress-up festivities. Throughout this week, students can follow a daily changing dress-up theme in order to earn their grade level points during the ultimatum Friday Pep Rally. The upcoming pep rally will have wacky, whimsy-filled activities guided by teachers and student volunteers alike. Feel free to show your support for the Trojan Nation by following the weekly dress-up guidelines. Tuesday was Bikers v. Surfers. Wednesday will be BBQ Dads and Soccer Moms. Thursday will be pajama day with a morning of festivities available to students. Friday will be grade level colors. Freshmen will adorn gray, sophomores in black, juniors in white, and seniors in crimson.

Friday’s Schedule

1st Period 8:00 - 9:21

2nd Period 9:27 - 10:48

3rd Period 10:54 - 12:43

4th Period 12:49 - Pep Rally

Pep Rally - 2:00 - 3:00

Friday’s Lunch Schedule

1st Lunch 10:54 - 11:17

2nd Lunch 11:22 - 11:47

3rd Lunch 11:52 - 12:15

4th Lunch 12:20 - 12:43

** Shuttle Buses will run all periods. 4th shuttle bus students will be guided to the gym for the pep rally.

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