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How to Style for the Fall Season

By Bailey Metcalf

It’s Fall Y’all! It is time to bring some cozy and warm clothes out for the season. Fall is a great time to dress in the best sweaters, boots, hoodies, beanies, jeans, and all kinds of fall clothing. Whether you are a female or a male, having cute clothes to go to school, on a date, or even a corn maze is a must for looking good to boost confidence and to just to feel good. Styles can go a long way, too, and differ from person to person. Here are some examples of possible ways to dress up for the season!

Sweaters and Cardigan

Of course, the first thing that pops into mind when it comes to fall fashion is sweaters.

Fall Outfit
Bailey Metcalf Models Fall Outfits

Sweaters are universal for men and women! A sweater has all someone could need, it’s warm but lightweight, they come in many colors, and they are cute! In the photo below, the sweater is shown to be a darker mustard color paired with some mom jeans and black faux suede boots. Cardigans are original for fall fashion, they can go over anything, as shown in the picture to the right. The white cardigan is paired with the same mom jeans, white Adidas SuperStars, and a striped button-up. These outfits are practical for outings with friends or family, socially distanced of course.

Flannels and Jean Jackets

Plaid is a known item of clothing for Fall. Plaid comes in many different colors, such as oranges, yellows, reds, greens, etc. Plaid is one of the most universal patterns when it comes to clothing. Jean jackets are also a great item to have and in the image to the left, it is shown over a red flannel with some ripped jeans and white Adidas shoes that match with the plain white tee shirt.

Brandon Goskie
Male Model: Brandon Goskie

Hoodies and Crew Necks

Hoodies are typical and a basic item of clothing because they are big, cozy, and comfortable. This item of clothing is very popular in schools because it is typically the most practical. If someone wanted to wear a hoodie while dressing nice, throwing a flannel or another jacket over a hoodie makes the outfit more stylish and presentable. Having these both on can be very warm, however, so make sure they are either light or that this outfit is worn on a colder day. In the picture to the right, the hoodie and bomber jacket combo is paired with black plain jeans and some faux suede boots.

Cody Giles
Male Model: Cody Giles

Summer Dresses in Fall

Some women love to wear summer dresses into Fall. Cardigans begin to take over the fall season, so putting them over dresses is a great way to stay warm this fall. Another way to style dresses for the fall season is to put a shirt underneath for an extra layer. This shirt can be plain colors, patterned, long or short-sleeved, a regular tee shirt, or a buttoned-up shirt. These combinations can be universally flattering, as there are many different styling patterns that people could go with to match their personalities perfectly. In the picture to the right, a summer, polka-dotted dress is paired with a plain black shirt underneath and a black, fuzzy cardigan. Shoes can vary, but in the photo, this is paired with white converse.

Bailey Metcalf
Bailey Metcalf

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