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How To Decorate Your Workspace for the Season

By Bailey Metcalf

It is finally Fall, which means that it is time to bring out sweaters, consume pumpkin-flavored everything, and admire the beautiful orange-tinted trees. As the weather changes, decorating homes and workspaces can be a great way to celebrate the season! For online students, it can help to decorate wherever he or she attends their classes to get into the spirit of the season.


Buy Fall Scented Candles

The first item to purchase for decoration is a fall scented candle. Walmart has recently started stocking some fall favorites such as: “Fall Leaves”, “Apple Pumpkin”, “Pumpkin Waffle”, “Fall Farmhouse”, “Pumpkin Spice”, and many more. The candle price ranges from $0.94 up to around $14 depending on size and brands. Candles are ideal for a cozy and comfortable environment for online classes. A candle that smells like a pumpkin pie in the oven stimulates a person’s sense of smell; this can help put the mind in a happy place and at ease. It reminds them of the holidays, a time with family and friends with no responsibilities of everyday life. Visually, a candle’s flame can feel like sitting next to a fire and some of the colors of the wax fit the color hues of oranges and browns of Fall.

Buy a Fall Decoration For Your Desk

If you are at home and working at a desk, it is good to decorate a space to be motivating and feel the holiday spirit. There are many easy and cost-effective options in Morristown to purchase seasonal decor to spice up a student’s workspace. It is possible to add small real or fake pumpkins, leaves, mini hay bales, flowers, wreaths, and many other options.

Hang Colorful Lights

Fall Decorated Room

Colorful lights are a great way to brighten up the room for the coming holidays. To have lights hanging in the background of Google Meet, it makes a very attractive environment for those who are also in the call with the student. Fairy lights help with the cozy feel to have a dim-lit room; most lights have a hue that is not too harsh to match this festive and warm feeling. It is also a good idea to add a decorative blanket on a couch or a bed. Throw blankets are useful as well, they’re small, cheap, and decorative. Throw blankets are also warm and cozy as the temperature outside drops. Some blankets come with cute prints on them that are Halloween themed, Christmas themed, flannel, or as simple as a plain festive color.

There are many ways to decorate for the coming seasons. It is very important to get into the spirit as it can be motivating and relaxing for this school year. Decorating workspaces can be therapeutic and help to keep students motivated and organized. Decorating makes people feel a sense of normality, happiness, and familiarity as the 2020 year comes to a close, a year filled with uncertainty. Happy Fall, and happy decorating!

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