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High School Student Benefits From Internship

By Andrew Goodman

Over the summer, I got to participate in an internship with the Hamblen County Department Of Education and their Instructional Technology Department in partnership with the Career and Technical Education department. I started in June 2020 and immediately began preparing laptops for the students of Hamblen County with two other interns, Preston Huertas and Ian Neilson, who were there the year before and just graduated from Morristown West High School. I was excited to see what happened behind the scenes. It made me appreciate the Department of Education a bit more than I did before. The other interns I got to work with educated me on so much that I almost couldn't believe it.

I also got to learn from a lot of other great people, including Morristown West High's very own Dustin Knight, Senior Technology Specialist. Knight, along with many other fantastic people, taught me more than just how to fix a broken computer screen or install an operating system. They taught me the many aspects of how to really work a job, and how to treat others. This internship has really changed my view on the workforce and has helped me improve my skill set when it comes to technology.

As the we got closer and closer to school starting, I realized the amount of stress that built up inside the other interns and even the technicians as they tried to prepare thousands of laptops for students to take home and use as a connection to classrooms when they may be stuck at home.