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Having Fun in the Spring Break Sun

By Bailey Metcalf

Hamblen County students will enjoy Spring Break from March 29-April 2. Students look forward to this time every year to go on vacations with their families and friends; however, this year may be different for some because of Covid-19. There are ways to have fun that follows social distancing guidelines

1. Adventure in the Smokies

East Tennessee is known for the beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking scenery to make anyone appreciate nature. A fun family getaway that is not too far from home, but close enough to not feel too homesick is staying in a hotel in the Smokies. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are two great places to go for this type of close-to-home vacation. Of course, visitation to a popular arcade during Spring Break is not the safest form of fun during a pandemic. It will be busy and crowded full of people. Staying in a hotel for a sense of normal vacation is an option too. Staying in a cabin in the Smokies is a great way to take a much-needed vacation, and it is a great way to stay away from the big crowds. Renting a cabin in the mountains is a good way to enjoy close family and friend connections away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.