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Go On a “Blind Date With a Book”

Starting Monday, Feb. 1, 2022, Morristown West will be starting “Blind Date With a Book”, where books will be wrapped with a brief description/summary of the book attached and students will be able to choose between the books based on their interest in the description. “Blind Date With a Book” will take place in Morristown West’s library during library hours. After reading the book, students will be able to fill out a “rate your date” card and be entered to win prizes! The main prize this year will be a restaurant gift card and other students that participate could win a free book!

Books wrapped and on display for students to decide from
Books wrapped and on display for students to decide from

The requirements to enter are listed below:

  1. Pick a wrapped book based on genre and the descriptive words. (don’t unwrap until you have left the library.)

  2. Read a minimum of 50 pages of the book (or the whole book if you love it).

  3. Fill out the “Rate Your Date” card you received at library check-out.

  4. Return the book and card to the library when finished.

The purpose of “Blind Date With a Book” is to encourage students to read more and explore new books! Brittany Long, a librarian at Morristown West, states,“Blind Date with a Book is absolutely one of my favorite displays/contests that we do each year! I love it when students find a new favorite just by taking a chance, which is the main purpose of Blind Date with a Book. We want to encourage our students to find a book that is outside their comfort zone and to try something new…you never know what you might end up liking!”

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