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Get Ready: FBLA Competitions are Coming Up

The Morristown West State FBLA competitions are coming up! The competitions are from April 3-5 in Chattanooga, TN. The sponsors for FBLA that make these activities and competitions possible are Mrs. Jessica Patrick and Mrs. Amy Whaley.

FBLA students doing activities.
FBLA students doing activities.

There are many students competing which include:

  • Charlie Fitzgerald for Journalism

  • Destiny Nichols for Financial math

  • Lauren Gray for Hospitality and Tourism

  • Caitlyn Jones for Human Resources Management

  • Isabella Swanson for Hospitality and Tourism

  • Tania Roque Castro for Advertising

  • Kayla Apimwar for Introduction to Financial Math

  • Malachi Young for Business Communications

  • Kaila Evans for Business Communications

  • Sara Jarnigan for Agribusiness

  • Kaydence Howard for Introduction to Business Communications

Good luck to all of the students competing in the competition!

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