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Free Mental Health Care Services for all of the Hamblen County Students, Staff, and Families

One in five people live with a mental health condition in the United States. This number has increased by 1.5 million over the last year. Mental health crises have risen, and the Hamblen County Board of Education has chosen to be a part of taking the next step for any struggling students, staff members, and families in Hamblen County. If you are dealing with mental health challenges, help and guidance are now available to you for free. You can find Care Solace at on the Morristown-Hamblen High School West homepage at

Take these simple steps to find the guidance you need in your mental health journey:

  1. Answer a brief survey.

  2. Get matched with a healthcare provider.

  3. Book an appointment.

  4. Care companion assistance makes sure that your provider is best for you.

Care Solace finds a provider that fits you and your needs through a more efficient and easier route. You are able to find the help you need with or without insurance and 24/7 support. Appointments can vary from online to in-person with community-based providers. Care Solace is already serving 15 million people throughout the United States.

It is not easy to search for help, let alone know you need it in the first place. The complexities of mental health can make you feel absolutely alien and alone. But you need to know that no matter what you are going through (big or small), you do not have to navigate through these complexities all on your own. This may be your battle, but it takes more than one person to fight it. Taking this help as an opportunity is the first step to taking charge of your mental health.

Mental Health
Mental Health

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