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For the Record 16





Welcome to your friendly neighborhood music media For the Record. If you are expecting me to reintroduce myself, then clearly your cabin fever is worse than mine. It's been a while, so we’ve got two articles this month to compensate for my otherworldly procrastination with the other one releasing at a different date. So, let's get to my thoughts.  Spring is here, and much like COVID-19 it came without warning or remorse. Besides the excruciatingly green landscape, and the Mad Max Thunder Dome death matches for tee-pee, I’ve found myself growing accustomed to the self-isolation. Arthur Dent was wrong. It's not the bath towel that's essential, it’s the bathrobe – and I’ve been in mine for a week. For this time around I took some liberties and brought back some goodies from previous issues to help iterate recent events, so feel free to comment about it in the comments section-no one will be listening. As I wonder about the eminent demise of the human race, these songs come to mind as I make my version of Wilson from Cast Away. So sit back relax, Lysol yourself, self-isolate, and of course make some ridiculous latte as we listen off into the bliss of insanity.

1. “Turn to Stone,” by ELO

2. “The Man Who Sold the World (2015 Remastered Version),” by David Bowie

3. “Lost in the Supermarket,” by The Clash

4. “Folsom Prison Blues,” by Johnny Cash

5. “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” by The Beatles

6. “Ghost Town,” by The Specials

7. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” by the Police

8.“All by Myself,” by Green Day

9.“Anarchy in the U.K.,” by The Sex Pistols

10. “Closing Time,” by Semisonic

Tim's Quarantine Corner


With Isolation taking a heavy toll on most of us, going out and taking photos is nearly an impossibility. So, for this issue I'd like to discuss our current isolation and how to prevent one from thinking having your ex back is a good idea. One thing I'd suggest if your big into games is try out new and interesting indie games coming out as well as the classics to take your mind off the looming fact death could take you at any moment. And finally remember to check up on your friends and keep in touch, unlike my entire social circle. Thanks for reading my Quarantine corner, and don’t forget to check out next issue where I discuss, “can existential dread be made fun?”

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