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Fall Virtual Testing Letter


Morristown-Hamblen High Schools East and West will be conducting state mandated End of Course testing (EOC) from November 28 through December 15. Primary test dates are:

English: December 1

US History and Biology: December 7 - 8

Math: December 13

The December 1 and 13 test dates will be Virtual School Days. Only students who are testing the EOC test on those days are required to attend in-person. All other students will be virtual. Virtual students will be required to complete online assignments posted on Google Classroom by their teachers. Attendance will be based on completion of those assignments. A student who does not log on and complete the assignments will be counted as absent.

Students who are virtual will be allowed to attend school in person on December 1 and 13 if they do not have internet access at home. Both high schools will be open. The cafeterias will also be open and serving both virtual and in-person students. Sack lunches will be available for pickup by virtual students. Buses will run on a normal schedule both morning and afternoon. There will be no bus runs between high schools during the day on December 1 and 13. All IEP/ILP services and accommodations will be provided.

This change in our normal testing schedule is being made in order to preserve instructional time. Our normal schedule has testing being conducted almost every day, disrupting the instructional schedule each day of the testing window. By limiting testing to four days, we essentially save nine uninterrupted instructional days. We believe this schedule will be beneficial to both students who are testing and those who are not.

If you have any questions, please contact your high school.

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