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Events to Take Part of This Holiday Season

By Bailey Metcalf

During the holidays, celebrating traditions is one of the most special activities that people do. Of course, this year has taught people to be thankful for what they have and to adapt to the never-ending changes. As many things are different this year, some traditions can still live or new traditions can be made. Of course, some activities need to be altered due to Covid, but there are still many things that people can do during the holidays.

  1. The Pinnacle Speedway in Lights: Bristol

A perfect event for family fun that is safe for Covid 19 is looking at Christmas lights. On the Bristol Speedway, people have the opportunity to drive on the track, jamming to Christmas music that goes well with music on the radio. Thankfully, the well-known attraction is still happening this year, inviting guests to have some socially distanced fun. Their Christmas Village, which is included at the end of the light show in the middle of the track, usually includes rides, food pop up shops, and gift shops. However, this year, the Village has taken out the entertainment rides to follow through with Covid-19 regulations and obey social distancing. Food and gift shops are still open and are still able to be enjoyed. The lights are available from now to Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021.

Admissions for Bristol Motor Speedway prices are as follows:

Sunday-Thursday (6 PM- 10 PM)

1-8 people in a car is $20

9-23 people in a van is $50

24 people or more in a bus is $125

Friday-Saturday (6 PM- 10 PM)

1-8 people in a car is $25

9-23 people in a van is $50

24 people or more on a bus is $125

For more information, visit their website: Pinnacle Speedway in Lights | Tickets

2. Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

A very well-known attraction is centered in Sevierville, Tennessee located at the

Smokies Stadium. A common trend for the holiday season is to go and see beautiful lights that go on with the music playing in the car, it is a safe and socially distanced attraction that everyone can enjoy. This attraction is open nightly from 6 to 10 PM until Jan. 3, 2021. Tickets can be purchased online or can be purchased onsite accepting cash and card.

Prices for this attraction are as follows:

  • Cars or Family Vans (8 passengers or less) All Fridays & Saturdays and all days Dec. 11th-27th: $30

  • Cars or Family Vans (8 passengers or less) All Sundays-Thursdays EXCEPT Dec 11th-27th: $25

  • Activity Van, Limo, or Mini/Half Bus: $50

  • Tour/School Bus: $100

More information can be found on their website: Sevierville, TN — Shadrack Christmas Wonderland

3. Toy Donations

Giving is the best way to celebrate the holiday season. Not everyone has the same opportunities as others. If it is possible, getting a toy for a child for things like the Angel Tree or Toys for Tots is a great way to help a child have a Christmas this year.

In Morristown, Angel Tree donation Christmas trees can be found in College Square Mall right outside of Kohl’s or in both Walmart Supercenters. Finding a tree that has a child of their choosing is all one has to do. The “ornament” will have a child’s name, age, and what they wished for for Christmas. The person can now go find that specific item and donate the gifts. Walmart has a place in their store where the gift can be donated and ensured to reach the child it belongs to. The item must be unwrapped, for safety reasons, and a child now has a gift for Christmas!

Visit Angel Tree website for more details: Walmart Angel Tree | The Salvation Army USA

Toys for Tots has been around since 1947. Serving the similar purpose as Angel Tree, Toys for Tots give people the opportunity to get toys for children that are under circumstances that are unfortunate enough to not give them a Christmas that they deserve. The Toys for Tots program is in high demand due to Covid-19, with the economy going downward, many children are in need this holiday season. This year, Toys for Tots are able to take online donations on their website. Donations for Toys for Tots can also be taken to a facility near by!

Donation Information can be found online through their website: Marine Toys for Tots

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