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December Horoscopes Help Navigate Finish of 2019





Aries - This month is time for change. Changing your goals and dreams is a good place to start. You will be faced with tough decisions this month. Use your heart to make the right choices, it will never steer you wrong. This difficult decision could be in the form of applying to the right colleges or deciding which career you want to pursue.  

Lucky Days: 2, 19, 20

Taurus – Your creativity will know no bounds this month. This is the time for expressing yourself through art, music, or other things you enjoy. Some challenges this month you will have no control over. It is important to stay calm and focused.

Lucky Days: 3, 8, 19

Gemini - This year has been a year of dramatic changes for you. As we close in 2019 and enter a new year, do not let all these transformations cause you to lose sight on what is important. This month you will have temptation to hang onto things that are broken. Let them go and let healing come in.

Lucky Days: 9, 27, 30

Cancer - During 2019, you have gone through many healing processes. This could leave you guarded, but this month is the time for opening yourself to something new. This could be in the form of new friendships, hobbies, or relationships.

Lucky Days: 2, 15, 26

Leo - Expect this month to be demanding. Being able to manage your time properly will help you succeed in the coming months. Since this month you will be busy, it's important to take care of yourself mentally and physically to allow your body to recuperate.

Lucky Days: 9, 15, 27

Virgo - During 2019, your confidence has soared to new lengths. During this time of security, try new things while you have the courage to do so. Try a new hobby, make more friends, or take a class that is out of your comfort zone. This month you will go through many troubling situations. In these situations, it is important to take responsibility and control of the situation.

Lucky Days: 2, 15, 28

Libra – This month, your mind is racing. The world seems as if it is going a million miles a minute. Take time to unplug and learn more about yourself. Some beneficial hobbies to adopt could be journaling or meditation as these will help release the anxiety you may be feeling.

Lucky Days: 2, 5, 29

Scorpio – December is a month full of success for you. Take the opportunities that come your way and run with them. They will be beneficial with demanding work and dedication, but do not forget to take time for relaxation and friends!

Lucky Days: 22, 24, 29

Sagittarius – Make sure you are standing under the mistletoe this month! December is YOUR season of love! Take risks when it comes to your current or upcoming love interest. Be bold and show your interest. It will certainly be worth your while, no matter the outcome.

Lucky Days: 14, 24, 16

Capricorn – It has been obvious to friends and family your change in attitude throughout this year. December is the early beginning of 2020 in your situation. Prepare for a positive mindset in the new year. There will be difficulties, but do not let your self-esteem drop.

Lucky Days: 1, 22, 28

Aquarius – Your emotions will get the better of you this month, but do not let that discourage you from picking yourself back up and moving forward with your goals. You will discover that there are some good, kind people in your life who are will be there to encourage you through your struggles. Keep your circle small.

Lucky Days: 4, 27, 30

Pisces – The holiday season can bring mixed feelings for you. Do not separate yourself from your friends and family. Be close to those who care about you in December. The holidays can be a lonely, isolated time if you let them, but they most definitely do not have to be.

Lucky Days: 6, 11, 31

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