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Counselors Connect With Students


Each month, West’s counselors produce a newsletter on upcoming scholarships, internships, ACT, credit recovery, work ethic diplomas, Advanced Placement changes, and other vital information for students. In the next couples of weeks, counselors will be meeting with students who are required to complete credit recovery for classes that they did not pass in the fall.

For work ethic diploma, seniors will apply in their TNN classes and upload their supporting documents through the on-line application portal, found on Students who successfully complete the application process will earn cords to wear during the graduation ceremony.

Friday, Jan. 17, FAFSA assistance will be available during school hours in the library for students who have not yet submitted this required financial aid application. Remember that Feb. 1 is the FAFSA deadline to stay eligible for TN Promise.

The Ned McWherter Scholars program is intended to encourage academically superior Tennessee high school graduates to attend college in Tennessee.

Please visit to make sure one’s calendar is updated. School counselors or Ms. Emerick in the counseling office may also be able to answer your questions.

A Counselor helps a student’s mom with FAFSA.
A Counselor helps a student’s mom with FAFSA.

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