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Cost-Efficient Gifts to Give a Valentine

By Bailey Metcalf

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th, allowing people to celebrate love and affection. Of course, this can mean going out on a fancy date with a significant other, but Valentine’s Day can also celebrate the love that people share with their families, too. It is easy to stress over what to get someone for Valentine’s Day every year because flowers can get old, dinner dates can get expensive, and assorted chocolates can leave a bad taste in the mouth. There are some options that are easy and simple to make without being super pricey, and after all, gifts that are made with love can be the best gifts someone can receive. Even just spending quality time with someone doing something that both people can enjoy can be a great date as well.

  1. Cooking a Meal and/or Baking a Dessert

The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Food is what makes people warm inside, but when it is specifically prepared for them from a loved one on a dinner date is even better. Cooking and baking can come into two forms of gifting to someone: there is the option to prepare the meal for them or there is the option to prepare the meal together, making memories along the way. Either way, making dinner for a significant other with a setup table with candles and the music that the two share is enough to make it the best Valentine’s Day.

2. Coupons

A free massage, cooked meal, night out, breakfast in bed, movie night, a chore pass, or anything else that a person can think of is a quick and easy gift to give to someone. Like the card, all a person needs is some paper, a writing utensil, well thought out words, and the will to do everything written on the coupons. This is a universal gift for anyone that you know, and it can be pretty personal depending on who the person is.

3. Anything Photo

Photos are something that people hold onto when it comes to savoring a memory, and when gifted photos that are printed out or on a blanket is a brilliant way to touch someone’s heart. Not always does printing photos have to be expensive, it can be done at home on a printer there, or Walgreens is always offering the best deals when it comes to printing out photos. After the photos are printed, many things can be done. They can be put together in a collage, a frame, a scrapbook, or many other things. Pricier options include printing onto things like a blanket, puzzles, phone cases, etc. that can be used through places like Walmart, Shutterfly, and Walgreens.

4. Homemade Cards/ Letters

Making a loved one a homemade card has been something that people have been doing since childhood. Making a card only needs paper, a writing utensil, and some words from the heart. A person can be as creative as they want with this option, too, and can make it as personalized as they wish. Handwritten letters are great to give to someone as well, it lasts longer than a text message or an email and it feels more thoughtful. Knowing that someone took the time to handwrite a whole letter expressing their thoughts and feelings for someone else can be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

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