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Cookie Lovers Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day

March 6, cookie enthusiasts prepare to celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day. The first Oreo was made in 1912 and sold to a Jersey grocer. Once the Oreo became popular in 1923, the company began to teach people how to properly eat the cookie. According to one is supposed to twist the layers apart, lick the cream, and then dunk the cookie in some milk.

An original Oreo is made of two chocolate wafers with a sweet crème filling. In its rising popularity, throughout the years the original recipe has been altered to create different varieties of vibrant colors and flavors. Flavors consist of red velvet, key lime pie, hot cocoa, chocolate strawberry, and any other flavors one could imagine! They also do collaborations with celebrities. There are Lady Gaga Oreos, Taylor Swift Oreos, and more.

Many doors have opened for unique foods involving Oreos. Homemade or franchised, each dish is delightful and fun. Ranging from ice creams, milkshakes, cakes, pies, truffles, cheesecakes and so much more.

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