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Cobon Crochets

Yonotan Cobon, a sophomore at West High School, crochets in his time outside of class. He sells his creations and gives them as gifts to his friends. Cobon states, “I learned to crochet because I watched my aunt how she made centerpieces and watched videos on YouTube.” Cobon elaborates, “One of my inspirations who inspired me to crochet was a person on Tik Tok and she was one of the people I liked how she crocheted and her name is Anabelle and you can find her as Crochet Grove on Tik Tok.” According to Cobon, learning to crochet took him about a week.

His smaller pieces take him about 30 minutes to finish. However, one of the biggest pieces he has done took him 3 hours. Cobon gets his materials from retailers such as Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart. He has recently started giving them out to teachers. He has crocheted many different things including a zebra, polar bear, giraffe, frog, dolphin, cow, mushroom, egg, turtles, roses, squid, duck, pillow, raccoon, chicken, crocodile, and snails.

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