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Checking in on band

Every year, the band practices hard in sounding their very best, and never fails in doing so! This year is no different, as they now have to learn new music. Even before school started, students in the band went to band camp. Macey

Warren stated, ”Band camp was two weeks, the first week was student leadership, color guard, drumline, and the freshmen for the first two days, and the last two days was the full band. We learned basic marching fundamentals, it lasted from 8am-12pm all week. This week was much less work than actual band camp, but helped to set the basics and stepping stones for the next week. ”Warren continues, '' The next week was 8am-5pm all week and was the entire band. The schedule for the day was marching fundamentals, then they would set the field show, we would break for lunch, then the band went into sectionals where each section would practice on their own. (Flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, low brass, drumline, and color guard.) “After sectionals the band met in full to do musical rehearsal, and then we finished the day by setting more of the field show. During the week we also had a theme for each day, similar to spirit week. These themes were:

- Monday: celebrity day (however most of the band dresses as the band director, Mr. Box, as a surprise)

- Tuesday: Beach Day

- Wednesday: Wacky Day

- Thursday: Section Day

- Friday: Trojan Day

The band also had a performance at the end of band camp on that Friday for family and friends. It consisted of our opening song, with movement throughout most of the song.“

Now every year, the band always has a theme, and this year's theme sounds very interesting. Warren explained,” The theme, or this year's field show, is titled “Inspired” and it is a melody based off of the musical stylings of Pentatonix. The first song is called “Aha!” The second is “Sing”, and the other is Pentatonix's cover of “Cheerleader.”

For anyone who would like to see them perform, they will be playing at all home and away football games every Friday at halftime. They will also be doing a concert, one in October and another in December and are going to be competing in three different competitions throughout the year. Leading them is senior Maya Lawson as this year's drum major.

Edwin Ambrocio Perez stated, “ Band overall has greatly improved over the course of the semester. Changes that have been implemented have decreased the amount of time needed to spend learning/memorizing the field show and increased the time allowed more focus to be given to cleaning the show/music. Class time has been used very effectively along with after school activities. In all very good opinions of the band.”

The West Highschool band

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