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CDC Class Sells Caramel Apples


On Wednesdays and Fridays in October, the CDC class sells caramel apples for $2.00. The CDC are selling the caramel apples for a good cause. Some students did buy the tasty caramel apples. The CDC students are selling the caramel apples during lunchtime. There are different types of caramel apples.There are some caramel apples with nuts and regular caramel apples. The CDC class has been selling caramel apples for the last four years. They are Raimondi caramel apples.

The money that they get from the caramel apples is used to buy more supplies for the CDC classroom, and they will get games for them. Jodie Blakey, teacher, said, “ The kids love when we sell the caramel apples because they think the apples are so cool, and they also enjoyed interacting with the other students who buy caramel apples.” The CDC students will also get forms for family and friends. They would give the forms to their family and friends if they wanted to buy some caramel apples, and if they did they would bring back the form and take the apples back to them.

The CDC class sells caramel apples in the cafeteria to purchase instructional materials.

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