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Bolling, Davis Voted Most Talented



Congratulations to Logan Davis and Chloe Bolling for receiving this year’s Most Talented superlative.

Logan Davis and Chloe Bolling were voted as this year’s most talented by the Senior class. Here are their comments and backstories that have contributed towards their superlative.

Bolling is an ecstatic individual that has a bright future ahead of her. She has been blessed to be crowned as the Homecoming Queen alongside this superlative. Bolling commented, “I am very honored to have been voted most talented. I think I may have been voted because I love performing and take every chance I have to be on stage in the community.” Bolling’s ambitions for after high school are to go to college and become a middle school English Teacher. Bolling can sing, act, write, and dance, however singing is her most favorite activity. Bolling furthermore stated that Sara Helm would have gotten the superlative if she did not because she is “a great actress and stays involved in the community performances. She also dedicates a lot of time and effort into bettering herself as an artist.”

Davis is a relaxed soul who has a bright future towards his focuses of math and music. Davis commented, “I’m not really sure why I was voted as most talented, but I guess it’s because I apply myself to a variety of things because that’s just how I am wired.” Davis plans after high school are to pursue a degree in mathematics and go to graduate school. Davis believes that if he did not receive the superlative, it would have gone to Marcus Thompson.

Congratulations to Bolling and Davis for being recognized for their numerous talents. Hopefully they will one day be able to achieve their ambitions, and lead a successful life.

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