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Blood Drive on the West Side

West High held its annual blood drive on Aug 18, 2021. The blood drive was organized by Health Occupation Students of America, HOSA for short. The faculty members involved in organizing this event were, Darlene Adkins, Jeremy Emmons, Ashli Collins, and Sherry Skeen. Due to Covid-19, Medic Staff and donors were required to wear masks. Covid-19 also lowered the amount of donations this year. Even though the pandemic is a big issue, it's good to take into account that one blood donation saves as many as three lives. This year Medic gave out donation t-shirts and one Dollywood day ticket to people who donated. All the blood donated was distributed throughout local hospitals. This year, such as previous years, East and West competed to see who would get the most donations. At the Friday night football game the winner was announced, and East won with a total of 128 units’ with West falling behind 1 point with a total of 127 units. Win or lose, both schools made a generous donation, and had a great impact on our community.

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