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Apple vs Android Comparison

Android(left) and Apple(right) side by side Comparison
Android(left) and Apple(right) side by side Comparison


Apple this Apple that, what about Android? Some students prefer iPhone over Android and some opposite.

Apple is usually the first thing thought about when it comes to phones, but a lot of Android phones can have the same battery life, video quality, storage, and features, but for less.

One of the pros of having an Android is the cost. The newest iPhone, iPhone 11, costs around $850, while the newest Android to arrive, the Galaxy Note 10, only costs $750. Overall the Android is more cost convenient.

Battery life is a huge factor on what phone people usually buy. Both iPhone and Android show the daily battery usage at a glance. For a long time, Android was better for fast charging because it was the only one with a fast charging port, but now so does iOS. iOS still doesn’t have a total advantage because the fast port must be bought separate from the phone, most Android phones come with one. In the long run Android is better.

Messaging is another giant factor in buying a phone. All iPhones come preloaded with Face Time, and Messaging. Some of the features in iMessage are Stickers, Message Games, Gifs, and many more. The only things like this on Android are Google Hangouts, and Allo and Duo. iOS gets the Win.

Android has a lot of apps to choose from, therefore tons of games. Android has approximately 2.7 million apps, iOS has 2.2 million. Quality is almost always better than quantity. More apps on Android are free rather than iOS, but the best games and Apps tend to come from iOS. Quality is better than quantity, so iOS is the best for apps.

Today almost no one uses a physical camera other than professional photographers. Therefore, every newer phone has a camera. iPhone’s cameras are the best at taking quality photos consistently. Android’s Google Photos offers unlimited storage, but the camera quality still can't beat iOS.

Customization with iOS is not very good, there are no widgets, shortcuts, and no place where every app is stored. Android has tons of widgets, shortcuts, and to get an app out of sight it doesn’t have to be uninstalled. Android is hands down more customizable.

iPhone is known for its assistant, Siri. Android has tried to “Copy” their idea and make The Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a great attempt, but it still will not beat the overall looks, Answers, and Customization of Siri.

My personal favorite is Apple because there is so much more you can do rather than Android.

Sophomore Gavin Amos states, “Android because they have the same features and more battery life for less money.”

Sophomore Lucas Duff states, “Apple because they last longer, and you get more for your money.”

In conclusion, Apple beats Android 4/7, while Android wins 3/7. iOS is the way to get more for the money.


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