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All Hail the Queen: Meet Eviee Dalton

Homecoming queen, Eviee Dalton, was crowned Sept. 17 at half-time. Dalton stated, “It means more to me than I can describe.” She further replied, “If someone told me in fourth grade that one day I would be the one with the crown, I would have never believed them. People often think that I am the perfect girl, but in reality I'm just a normal high school girl fighting the same battles as the rest of the students in high school. I have the same amount of bad days as everyone else in high school.”

Aquillio Romero escorts Homecoming Queen Eviee Dalton.
Aquillio Romero escorts Homecoming Queen Eviee Dalton.

Dalton, a senior at West High, has been the FCCLA president for the past two years. Ever since she was a kid, she wanted to be a teacher, and even now her dream has not changed. Dalton’s plans for the future are to get her master’s degree in teaching while minoring in special education. She plans to attend Walters State Community College for the first two years of her college education and later attend Carson Newman or the University of Tennessee.

Dalton passed on that the best piece of advice she has received is “no matter what, you are yourself’s greatest advocate.” She later expressed that she lives by the quote, “Love like Jesus, but have an attitude like Dolly.” Furthermore, when asked what sets her apart from other people, she replied, “I wouldn't say that I am set apart from others, but we are all unique in our own ways. I try my absolute hardest to see the good in everyone no matter how hard it might be.” Dalton is a very extroverted person, and she values the people she is constantly around.

As a senior, Dalton will be graduating this spring. She admitted that it is a bittersweet moment to be graduating from West High, and it seems a little surreal especially because the past few years felt like they flew by. Speaking of sweets, she says she could not live without Starbursts and gummy worms. The best thing about Homecoming for Dalton is, “The experience it has given me, seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces no matter how stressful it might have been getting all of the stuff together very fast. It was the joy that all the girls were radiating. It was very uplifting.”

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