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Why Students Should Join West Side Story

Registration is coming up and West Side Story is looking to add new members to its staff! With over 30,000 views since early 2020, West Side Story is rapidly growing and is constantly looking for students to join its staff.

West Side Story not only allows students to publish their work for thousands of readers to see, but also allows students to improve their writing skills, along with learning Web Design and photography skills. Students gain valuable interview skills and get to go behind the scenes for events such as Prom and Homecoming.

Students gain the experience of running a business and design advertisements to market and support sponsors. Below is a graphic showing what current and previous West Side Story staff members have to say about being a part of West Side Story. Anyone interested in joining West Side Story should fill out the Google Form located in their Grade Level Google Classroom. Students wanting more information should email Students are encouraged to visit West Side Story at and follow us on Facebook @west.sidestory.7568, Twitter at @Westsidestory14, and Instagram @Westsidestory14.

Quotes From Current & Former West Side Story Staff Members
Quotes From Current & Former West Side Story Staff Members

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