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What Teenagers Risk With “Devious Licks”

Tik Tok is a very popular social media app that almost every teenager is familiar with. There are many trends that go on, influenced through this app including: dances, fashion, music, and most recently stealing. This trend to be exact is called the “Devious Lick”. This is where you steal something from the school [examples from Tik Tok videos are Sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and even a toilet] and one tries to get it out of the school successfully. Although many teens find this trend funny, not only does this trend cause damage to the school, but it also puts anyone who participates in trouble. Now this kind of trouble is not like detention, or ALP, but this is serious trouble. Jail time, and fines are involved.

Tennessee Laws on Misdemeanor and Felony Theft and Shoplifting (Tenn. Code §§ 39-14-105, 40-35-111 (2020).)