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West students share fall break activities

Arrowhead Church's D.C. student mission
Arrowhead Church's D.C. student mission

West Side Story’s staff recently sent out a form asking students how they spent their breaks. Students were given the option to freely respond to this form. Students went to many places around the country, including Washington, D.C., which several West high school students traveled to on a mission trip with Arrowhead Church.

Students also went to Panama City in Florida, Morehead in Kentucky, Colonial Williamsburg and Atlanta, Georgia. One student, who as previously mentioned went to Panama City stated, “I went to Panama City in Florida and cheered at a football game”. Another student recounts their time in Kentucky, “One of the things that I did over break was go camping with my parents in Kentucky. We stayed for four days at the Twin Knobs Campground in Morehead, Kentucky. The most fun part of it to me was checking out downtown Morehead. We went to a coffee shop that had a bookstore in the back of it, and we also went to this cookie cafe place as well. Two other things that I did was go to the Heritage Days Festival in Rogersville to check out the vendors, and I also went to the mall with one of my friends and got more books and some hand soap from Bath and Bod

y Works.”. One student went up to the Hampton Roads region to visit family, stating “We went to the Hampton Roads area, an area with a huge military presence, to visit my sister. We also went to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.”

Some students stayed local for their break as well. Couples engaged in crafty activities such as making tie blankets and painting pumpkins. Some students worked while others served as patrons of those very businesses. One student noted their participation in a cross country race over their break. Others went to concerts, got learner’s permits, and simply spent time with their loved ones.

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