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West Side Story Welcomes New Staff Writer Aarya Patel

West Side Story newspaper has many new staff members this semester. One of these is staff writer and sophomore Aarya Patel. Patel enthusiastically remarked, “I joined the newspaper staff because I love to write, and it seemed like a good environment to be in.” Her favorite thing about the class so far is getting the opportunity to author different articles each week.

Outside of being involved in newspaper, Patel’s hobbies include reading, cooking, and preparing for college. She also takes extra academic classes outside of West High. Further, she enjoys hanging out with her younger brother, who is nine years old. Looking into the future, Patel is aiming to go to college. She is looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management, following in the footsteps of her dad.

Aarya Patel, new West Side Story staff writer
Aarya Patel, new West Side Story staff writer

Patel is involved in many additional extracurriculars at West High. She is a member of DECA, FBLA, Beta Club, and National Honors Society. Patel is also involved in Speech and Debate, otherwise known as Forensics. She is the sophomore class president. Her favorite school subject currently is Theatre Arts III. Throughout this school year at West, she is looking forward to participating in DECA, FBLA, and Forensics competitions.

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