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West High Takes New Look On Inspiration Through Random Acts Of Kindness Club


Random Acts Of Kindness Compliment Box.
Random Acts Of Kindness Compliment Box.

The Morristown West Random Acts Of Kindness Club held their first meeting Tue. Jan. 25. The Random Acts Of Kindness Club focuses on writing inspirational quotes for every student. Their goal is to have given every student at least one note by the end of this school year. All grade levels will be given quotes.

This Club was started by the President, Aarya Patel. The club’s sponsor is Mrs. Sauceman. RAOK meets once a month. Patel shared, “I wanted to start this club because I wanted to spread positivity throughout West High. I've seen that West High can be super negative sometimes and I wanted to make a difference.”

There are no fees to join the club and all they ask is that every member try to make 5-10 notes per meeting. Every member should try to participate in meetings. RAOK is having Executive Office elections for their Vice President (Grades 10-12), Secretary (Grades 10-12), Historian (Grades 10-12), and Class Representatives (One Per Grade Level).

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