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Villasenor, Grimaldi voted Biggest Flirts of West High


As 2019 comes to end, seniors took the chance to vote for superlatives. West High congratulates Juan Villasenor JR. and Caitlyn Grimaldi for being voted for biggest flirts. Grimaldi stated, “My personality is just bubble, and I guess it comes off as a little flirty.” Her celebrity crush is Dimeszn. She doesn’t need a pick-up line and if she was not chosen, then she would have picked Ansley Eskew. Villasenor does not know why he was chosen but he said, “The girls just keep coming back. So, I guess they can’t get enough.” His best pick-up line is “You ever heard of Dimeszn, if you haven’t let me show you yerrrrr.”

Juan Villasenor JR flirts with Caitlyn Grimaldi.
Juan Villasenor JR flirts with Caitlyn Grimaldi.

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