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Two Seniors Voted Morristown West’s Biggest Flirts; Senior Superlatives

Two Seniors were selected for the biggest flirt superlative at West High. The female senior selected is Gabriella Blevins. 

Blevins expressed that she was shocked when winning this superlative exclaiming, “I was definitely surprised,” when the results came over the announcement. Blevins shared her number one pick-up line, saying, “you’re hot. What's your number?” Blevins is currently dating someone younger than her, humorously saying, “Yes! I'm a cougar.” Blevins shared that she thinks she would be a good date to bring home to the parents. This confidence runs in her blood, with her sharing where she got her confidence from and saying, “definitely my mom.” Blevins believed that her confidence and outgoing nature will carry on “100%” after high school.

Kyan Almonte, the male senior selected for the biggest flirt superlative, could not be reached for comment.

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