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Trojan Nation Welcomes Miller to Welding

By: Kayla Covington, Staff Writer

West Side Story is proud to introduce Josh Miller as West High’s welding instructor. He has been teaching Welding for two years.  Miller was  born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he attended South Doyle High School.  When Miller is not teaching he spends his free time out on the lake, spending quality time with his family, and woodworking.  He also has an English Bulldog named Meatloaf.    

In regard to his teaching style Miller stated “I like project based learning. I think when students can build and create a tangible, useful, item over just practice weld pieces they will take pride in their work.”   Miller is a great example that some people are not meant for college, and that is okay.  Some people enjoy working with their hands and being creative.  Miller stated, “I didn’t take vocational type classes in high school because the perception of those types of classes were that they were for kids that weren’t smart enough for college. I wasted two years and THOUSANDS of dollars in college only to leave for welding school.”   This is a lesson for all students

West High welcomes Miller with a big Trojan welcome!

                          West Side Story welcomes Josh Miller to the West High Staff
West Side Story welcomes Josh Miller to the West High Staff

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