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Trojan Nation Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, a holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year, allows people to celebrate, and be grateful for, the blessings of the year. Although not every culture celebrates Thanksgiving, it is--without a doubt--a perfect time for loved ones to gather together.

Junior, Aiden McCauley, states, “My family celebrates Thanksgiving simply by gathering and eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal.”

Senior, Lauren Gray, shares how her family celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, “For Thanksgiving, we have dinner with my grandparents, alternating every other year between my Mom and Dad's side of the family. We go to=whoever's "turn" it is, meaning we travel a few houses down or make the trip to South Carolina for a few days to see family. We always enjoy seeing family, and especially now that our household is so busy with schooling and some are off to college, we cherish that family time all the more.”

Junior, Fernando Quintanilla, states, “My family gathers on Thanksgiving in order to enjoy a meal together, but we do not have turkey like most do: we eat different kinds of foods, such as tamales and baleadas.”

Senior, Janelly Librado, commented, “In my house, we usually just eat on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we were able to enjoy a few World Cup games on Thanksgiving this year!”

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