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Things To Do On A Snow Day With Family, Friends


There are a lot of fun things to do on a snow day. The things people can do are have snowball fights, build a snowman, sledding, and snowboarding. Some people do spend their days inside watching movies with family and drinking hot chocolate with them, which is another great thing to do on snow days. People also go outside and take family photos in snow and send it to other family members who are not there. They also will make snow angels on the snow. There is also another thing people do on snow days. They will hang out with family and friends who come over and have snowball fights with them. Another thing to do on a snow day is put up Christmas tree and Christmas decorations with family. There are so many things to do on snow days and one of them is to be with family and enjoy the day with them.

Most people don’t know what to do on snow days besides staying inside all day. There are two more things that people can do and they are bake yummy treats with family like Santa cookies, brownies, cakes, and more. Another thing students or people can do is read or write a book or listen to Christmas music. Some people go and visit places that are beautiful when it’s covered in snow. Another thing people do on snow days are play board games and cards game. There is one more thing family and friends can do and that is make snow cream. The ingredients people need to make snow cream are sugar, vanilla, evaporated milk, and the important ingredient is snow and this is what you need for snow cream.

On, a snow day Ruben Hernandez spends his snow day inside watching Netflix. During, a snow day Hernandez won’t really go outside. He likes being inside in the warm. Hernandez doesn’t spend the snow day hanging out with friends on a snow day. Hernandez would have a snowball fight on a snow day. He loves having snow days because he gets to stay inside and watching Netflix.

Ruben Hernandez loves snow days.
Ruben Hernandez loves snow days.

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