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Students Describe How Pandemic Affects Their Motivation

As a result of the pandemic, students experience lack of energy and motivation to interact with each other, as well as less motivation in school. In a recent, anonymous survey, Morristown-West students were asked, “How much has the pandemic affected your motivation?” from a scale of 1-10, one being “not really;not at all” and ten being “severely.” Out of the students surveyed, a major group said the pandemic has affected them at a level of 5-8. The highest percentage the students said has affected them severely with 23.5% of students surveyed selecting that choice. Majority of the students stated that it affected them the most mentally as well as academically and socially.

One student commented, anonymously, “I am not the same student I was freshman year…The highs are extremely high while the lows are severely low. Motivation is something I struggle with on the daily. It is something you wish you had but you can never get a hold of.” in response to lack of motivation. Another student responded, “The reason why I don't have any motivation is because most things shut down and that was really depressing” with their experience of lack of motivation.

As opposed to the previous two responses with lack of motivation, one student stated that the pandemic actually improved their motivation socially, “I hated it very much but as soon and the pandemic kinda cooled down, I tried to be more social even though that was very hard at the time. The pandemic honestly helped me to interact cause I wanted to get out even if that meant wearing a mask everywhere I went!”

Amy Whaley, teacher at Morristown-West, mentions, “I'm surprised at how students now email each other during partner assignments rather than speak to each other face to face in the classroom” when she created an assignment meant for interaction between her students.

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