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Spring into Springtime Fashion



As the flowers begin to bloom and winter turns into spring, it is time to consider springtime fashion. Spring is a great time to feature different items into one’s wardrobe including bright colors and floral patterns. Here’s the full scoop on all things spring fashion!

After a long winter full of dark and neutral colors, spring is an inviting time to add a pop of color to one’s outfits. Fresh colors like yellows, blues, pinks, purples, and oranges are a must have during the season! Including floral patterns into one’s outfit is also essential.

Senior Emmie Barnett commented, “Floral patterns are a major thing and flowy fabrics.”

One can incorporate floral articles by wearing anything with a flowery touch: blouses, skirts, button ups, jeans, skirts, shoes, or accessories. There is no such thing as too much floral, so go all out before spring is gone!