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Sign Up To Be A Math Tutor And Help Other Students Who Are Struggling At Math



Students who love math and want to assist students with the subject should visit Mr. McLaughlin and sign up to be a math tutor. Brian McLaughlin is looking for some students to sign up and become a math tutor.

Brian McLaughlin encourages students to be a math tutor.
Brian McLaughlin encourages students to be a math tutor.

There are a lot of students who need help with math because sometimes they will struggle with their math homework. They may not know how to study for a test and quiz, but now they will have a math tutor who can help them with their math. McLaughlin will help connect the math tutor to other students who want a helping hand. The math tutor program was also started by McLaughlin.

The math tutors will tutor freshmen, sophomores, and some juniors who are struggling in math and need help. Math tutors will get paid, there are usually nineteen tutors to help students. McLaughlin said, “Mostly freshmen and sophomores get help, but even some juniors are being tutored in math.” Students can be a math tutor as long as they want to be. Math tutors will also get to set their own hours and meeting days. McLaughlin recommends this to students who love math and love helping others.

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This is such a terrific resource for students! Thanks, Mr. McLaughlin and tutors! BTW...does Mr. McLaughlin remind anyone else of Todd Howell on WBIR? 🙂

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