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Seniors Complete Walters State Scholarship Applications


Students who want access to the Walters State scholarship application, must be admitted to Walters State before students can get an application. If any students need help with their Walters State applications for admission or Walters State scholarship application, please see the school counselors. All students who are planning to attend Walters State Community College are encouraged to fill out the application. West High and Walters State have been doing the scholarship applications for many years. Students have to be admitted because it links them through their information and they need to show enrollment in order to apply.

Students should apply for Walters State scholarship applications because they can get more money for college. Mrs. Gillet and Justis counselors, said, “Students may have the opportunity to pocket money depending on this scholarship, ACT score, and GPA.” Feb. 1 is the deadline for completing the Walters State Community College scholarship application.

Walters State Community application.
Walters State Community application.

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