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Review of El Gordo Taco Truck

In the Journey of trying many different foods you could say that El Gordo is a very tasty taco truck. It has delightful food and drinks. I go there myself all the time and could say it is my favorite place to go. While I went to try the quesabirrias I could say they were outstanding. I loved the flavors of the quesabirrias! With this dish you get three flour tortillas which come with melted cheese, birria meat, a side Birria soup, lime, cilantro & onions. With a choice of a delicious mild sauce.

El Gordo Taco Truck
El Gordo Taco Truck

Owners are very caring and have great customer service. All their food is made from scratch and even their sauces. Horchata is a delicious drink made from rice, milk and a special touch of cinnamon . I could say it’s one of my favorite drinks to accompany my food. Something that I found really cool and particular that they have is the plastic igloo domes. They are the only ones that I have seen that have this around town and it is very comforting for family and friends to be together while enjoying their food in a comfortable environment space outside.

If you are interested in more of some latino snacks,they also have their small store right beside the truck where they have different variety of chips and snacks. All and all,I would recommend this place to everyone to try.

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