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Program Into Coding Club

West High would like to introduce the Coding Club! Led by Mr. Hawkins, the Coding Club will be an opportunity for students to gain interest and strive in Coding and Computer Science.

The Coding Club was developed to help students grow interest in coding and computer science. With two new AP Computer Science courses, “AP Computer Science Principles” and “AP Computer Science A” now in the curriculum, students will be able to broaden the spectrum of understanding in the Computer Science field and in the Coding field as well. AP Computer Science will be focused on the development and construction of applications for mobile devices. Alternatively, AP Computer Science A will be focusing on coding with JAVA.

Mr. Hawkins, CTE Technology teacher, preparing for a Coding Club meeting.
Mr. Hawkins, CTE Technology teacher, preparing for a Coding Club meeting.

Joining the program can yield many benefits for students. According to Hawkins, “Students will gain exposure to various coding languages as well as learning good coding practices, they will learn how coding can help them in their everyday life, and how much coding goes on around us.”

The club will be doing community service projects as they arise. When there are no community service projects, the club will be making different gadgets with LED’s and programs.

The club will also be competing in coding and engineering competitions towards the end of the semester. The Coding Club will meet every Thursday after school in Hawkins’ room, room number 536.

West High welcomes the Coding Club and hopes students will join.

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