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Places Hiring for Teens

By Bailey Metcalf

High school is a time that teenagers strive to obtain their first job to experience their first set of responsibilities. There are plenty of places in the area that hire teens at part-time jobs and work with students’ school schedules.

Working at a restaurant is one of the most common jobs that teenagers have and luckily, there are many restaurants in Morristown that are hiring. Places like McDonald’s, Cookout, KFC, Papa John’s, Bojangles, Captain D’s, Zaxby’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Pal’s, and many others. These types of jobs are looking for employees who can be a cook, cashier, delivery drivers (18+), hosts, servers, and other little jobs to help run a business. The best websites for job hunting are,, Indeed, and Glassdoor. They will provide information about the available jobs, links to applications, and requirements to meet in order to get the job.

CTE Internships are available for students in high school as well. CTE, or Career and Technical Education, are a great opportunity for students to enhance technical and academic skills. CTE classes are to help students see the advantages of attending classes and studying harder for their courses as they see the importance of their education. CTE internships are offered at West High, with places like Dollywood and Splash Country jobs on the list. Students who are interested in this opportunity must be 16 and up. Transportation is included with some internships.

CTE Internship Application Link:

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