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Meet the Editor: Aidan McCauley

This year's new West Side Story Editor is Aidan McCauley. McCauley writes the weekly Trojan Talk that is posted in the Citizen Tribune. Along with that, McCauley also helps create weekly articles. McCauley has been on the newspaper staff since the second semester of his Sophomore year; he will be on the staff for five semesters when he graduates. “I really like being the head editor,” declared McCauley,“It's a lot of fun being in an environment surrounded by my friends and newspaper family.” McCauley went on to express his endearment for newspaper, “Everyone supports one another and it usually doesn't even feel like a class but a hang out with friends.”

Aidan McCauley

McCauley is now in his senior year and shares “It is going super good and I like all my classes and can't wait to graduate in May.” Along with being editor and part of newspaper staff, McCauley states that in his free time he likes to listen to music, hang out with his friends and cats, explore nature and go on trails, and also works part-time as a lifeguard at Splash Country. McCauley’s plans for when he graduates is to go to Walter’s State the first two years for free then attend UT Knoxville. “Getting out of Morristown,” is what McCauley proclaimed to be his greatest motivation. McCauley leaves Morristown West students with advice, “Just get through it. Do all your work and try your best to succeed but also try to cherish the moments you have here because you are only a teenager in high school once.”

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