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Mayfield Creates Plushies

Peyton working on a plushie
Peyton working on a plushie

Talent can be found in just about every corner of West High. Junior Peyton Mayfield is a prime example. His talent comes in the form of sewing. Having learned in middle school teen living, Mayfield makes use of his skills in the form of plushies. They usually come in the style of fumo plushies, which are a popular form factor of Japanese merchandising. Fumo plushies usually sport a large, stylized head with a relatively small body that defaults into a sitting position.

Recently, he opened plushie commissions. Adding to his arsenal of previously made plushies, he created a plush likeness of Leon S. Kennedy from the famed video game series Resident Evil as well as two plush likenesses of Wally Darling from an upcoming internet alternate reality game. According to Mayfield, his plushies can “take a varying amount of time to create.” Nonetheless, the dedication to his craft is an inspiration to the masses.

Wally Darling and Leon S. Kennedy plushies, created by Peyton

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